Flat racks

are essentially ISO containers with no sides or roof. They allow for cargo that does not fit within the dimensions of a standard container to be safely secured and transported,especially for overwidth and overheight cargo, cargo can be loaded on flatrack containers due to its open construction.

External Dimensions Length Width Height
6m Flat rack 6.058m 2.438m 2.591m
12m Flat rack 12.192m 2.438m 2.591m

Open top containers

are used to load cargo which is too heavy or overheight cargo which can be loaded from the top side or can be loaded through the doors. Open tops have tarpaulin roofs which can be removed to allow for loading using a crane

External Dimensions Length Width Height
6m Open top 6.058m 2.438m 2.591m
12m Open top 12.192m 2.438m 2.591m

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