3m shipping containers

offer secure storage for areas where space is a problem. Since they are small in size it can be easily delivered for safe and secure storage.

For the domestic market we usually convert 6m GP into 3m GP containers.

External Dimensions Length Width Height
3m General Purpose 2.991m 2.438m 2.591m

6m shipping containers

are the perfect solution for additional storage requirements. They can be delivered to just about any location, offering an instant and secure space with minimal capital investment.

External Dimensions Length Width Height
6m General Purpose 6.058m 2.438m 2.591m
6m High Cube 6.058m 2.438m 2.896m

12m shipping containers

offer a huge volume of approximately 76mแถŸ of storage space. They require minimal site preparation and can be delivered to create an instant warehouse / space solution.

12m GP are usually used for conversions and 12m HC are usually purchased for the extra storage that can be utilized from it for packing and transporting.

External Dimensions Length Width Height
12m General Purpose 12.192m 2.438m 2.591m
12m High Cube 12.192m 2.438m 2.896m

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