If you need shipping containers for your business, consider the shipping and storage containers from Container Solutions & Logistics Africa (CSLA). We are proud to offer a variety of containers and services in Durban. Read on to learn more about our containers and services.

Types of Containers

Depending on the products you wish to store or ship, you need to ensure that your container is equipped to protect them properly. For example, if you need a container for refrigerated goods, you need a different container than for dry goods. Read on to learn more about the difference between these two containers.

Dry Storage

Dry goods is a broad term referring to almost everything else that you might need to ship besides refrigerated goods. However, one of the factors you need to consider is the volume and size of the goods you need to ship or store. At CSLA, we offer a variety of sizes for dry storage.


If you need cold items shipped, use our refrigerated containers to protect your products and transport them safely. We offer containers that are 6m and 12m long, depending on how much product you have to ship.

Options for Use

After you determine the type of container you are looking for, the next decision you have to make is how often you will need shipping or storage containers. Read on to learn the benefits of buying and renting containers for your business.


You can choose from our new or used containers when purchasing storage containers from CSLA. By purchasing shipping containers rather than renting them, you can rely on them for your business whenever you need them.


If your company does not do a lot of shipping but you need to ship products every now and then, you could benefit from renting a shipping container from CSLA.

For more information about our containers, contact CSLA by calling (+27) 31 467 1064. We look forward to helping you find the right fit for all your shipping and storage needs.